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Jeremy Lin Still a Key Part of Marketing the Houston Rockets, Despite Trade Rumors

Jeremy Lin’s importance to the Houston Rockets varies depending on who you speak to. Some people say that he is integral part of the team’s future and that, despite his struggles in 2012-13, he is poised to be one of several key stars who will guide this franchise into the future. Others say he isn’t a particularly important piece of puzzle, and that the only reason he’s still on the team is because Daryl Morey couldn’t find a willing trade partner earlier this summer.

Because it’s impossible to get into Morey’s head, no one can say for certain which camp is right.

That being said, if the Rockets’ reason media blitz is any indication, Lin is at the very least still a key part of the franchise’s marketing plan. As noted by the Bleacher Report, a recent set of billboards that went up around Houston clearly show who the faces of the organization are: Dwight Howard, James Harden, Chandler Parsons and Lin.

Notice, Patrick Beverley’s face isn’t on any of the billboards.

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Now, does the fact that Lin shows up on some billboards mean that Morey will under no circumstances trade him ever? Of course not. However, it does indicate that, if he performs well, Lin is a piece the Rockets would like to retain as one of the faces of the organization. For all the talk about how he didn’t live up to expectations last year and the countless trade rumors, Lin remains one of the most polarizing and followed stars in the NBA. Houston brass realizes that.

Now all he has to do is live up to the hype.


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