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Jeremy Lin Opens Up About Rockets, Dwight Howard, Kevin McHale and the Upcoming Season (Video)

Few players in the NBA have experienced the highs and lows Jeremy Lin has gone through over the past two seasons. Putting aside his initial struggles to break through in the league and the obstacles that he encountered prior to that ridiculous Linsanity run with the New York Knicks, just what he’s had to deal with since the beginning of Linsanity and through last year’s campaign with the Houston Rockets has been nuts.

This summer Lin has done a series of interviews for a documentary that chronicled Linsanity. While the bits and pieces of the doc that have emerged thus far have been interesting, the problem with them, and the documentary in general, is that it continues to portray a 25-year-old like some retired player. As though Lin’s best days are behind him.

Recently, Lin sat down with China Central Television and participated in an interview about what the future holds for him. It's a pretty great change of pace. Sure, he and the interviewed talked about the highs of Linsanity and the lows of last season, but they also looked forward. And when you’re as young as Lin still is, with the sort of potential that he clearly has, examining what the future holds is always far more interesting that reliving past happenings.

Check out Lin’s interview in the video below.


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