Jeremy Lin, Nets Continue to be Sore Subjects for Knicks Fans


Twitter is a pretty great place, I’ve met some great people and had numerous engaging discussions on it. However lately there have been a couple of things said on Twitter that I’d like to address in length on this forum.

First, there is a prevalent notion that fans like myself and others who do not view this roster as being a real contender should “Go To Brooklyn”. I think the Knicks will attain a seed between 3-6 and are likely to be stuck in NBA purgatory like the recent Atlanta Hawks. Furthermore a subsection of those fans think that me and other like-minded fans would prefer mediocrity so that our predictions turn out to be correct.

It is so idiotic to think that we as Knicks fans would rather pass up deep playoff runs just to be “right”. This idea that watching a season end before the ultimate goal would somehow be satisfying because something we said on a social network to relative unknowns would prove correct is simply asinine. I wouldn’t love anything more than to be wrong about this team’s ceiling.

Secondly it’s easy to just say that we are just “Jeremy Lin lovers”, and shouldn’t be taken seriously because the Lin fiasco clouds our analysis. This is BS. In fact like I’ve tried to stress on Twitter that the Knicks probably would have been mediocre with Lin, even when Lin’s return was deemed a certainty. I’d stated that I was most looking forward to Iman Shumpert and Lin growing together until the 2015 rebuild.

Lastly, and this will surely get me sent to Brooklyn, it’s easy to say that fans should be happy to have this team, because its the best team in ten years. I disagree on both counts. When an organization conducts themselves the way the Knicks do they don’t deserve a pass. To the more controversial point, and I hope I’m wrong on this, the ’10-’11 D’Antoni/Walsh young and promising team was in a better position as an organization, with valuable cap space, to win a championship than the current purgatory roster comprised of aging veterans. This is true even though I believe that the current team will have a better record than the ’10-’11 squad could have attained. But a teams’ record isn’t necessarily indicative of a franchise’s overall long term health.

I know, I know I’m just a Jeremy Lin lover that should go to Brooklyn.

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