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Jeremy Lin is a Little Too Enthusiastic About Rockets Adding Dwight Howard

Jeremy Lin can run the pick-and-roll very effectively. When the Houston Rockets initially signed him last year, before it became apparent at he wouldn’t be the guard with the highest usage rate on that team, everyone envisioned that he would be wildly successful utilizing it. Unfortunately, it’s hard to run the pick-and-roll with any sort of regularity when your backcourt mate is the one controlling the offense, and that’s precisely the roadblock that Lin ran into.

While doing a session with reporters this week, Lin was pressed on how he felt about the addition of Dwight Howard.

"We're not yet in Houston and haven't trained together so I don't know yet," he said while speaking to the media in China.

"But he really likes to play pick-and-roll and I really like to play pick-and-roll, so I hope we can work really well together and really happily learn how to play with each other.”

In theory, yes. One of the reasons why some people (read: me) felt as though Lin would have been a great addition for the Detroit Pistons is because there he’d be able to run the pick-and-roll more freely. And if he were given the liberty to do that in Houston next season, he and Howard might develop some very good chemistry. Unfortunately, nothing that we’ve seen from Kevin McHale thus far indicates that the offense will look any different than last year’s offense did. Which means, obviously, that Harden will continue to dominate the ball.

Frankly, if anyone runs the pick-and-roll with Howard next season, it’ll probably be Harden.

Just saying.


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