Jeremy Lin Earns Praise from Rockets Royalty Hakeem Olajuwon

Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard haven’t played a single game together, but that isn’t stopping one of the greatest players in NBA history from showering both with praise.

The one knock on Lin, both during his time with the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, has been his inability to play with ball-dominating scorers. Carmelo Anthony and James Harden are both guys who need the rock in their hands to be successful, and that tends to create problems for point guards who aren’t comfortable with a Ron Harper-esque role centering around standing in the corner and waiting for a kick out.

What Lin needs in order to maximize his skills is a.) to have the ball in his hands, and b.) a quality big man. He now has b.

During his time with the Knicks, Lin proved that he could run the pick-and-roll expertly. One of the things that everyone was looking forward to after the Rockets signed him was how that ability would translate when was dealing with a less offensively-capable center in Omer Asik. Ultimately, we never found out. The offense primarily was run through Harden, and Lin didn’t get a chance to show off his playmaking the way some folks would have liked to see.

Apparently the addition of Howard will change that.

While speaking with Fox 26 recently, Rockets legend Hakeem Olajuwon described the Lin-Howard combination as “deadly.”

"Just the little offense I saw, that combination is very deadly," Olajuwon told Fox 26. "You can see that both of them are very excited, seeing that, 'Wow, we bring the right ingredients together.'

"When you see players that are dedicated to succeed, it gives you that window to see what kind of season that we're looking for."

Is Olajuwon telling the truth? We’ll all found out soon enough.


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