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Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard Preparing for Upcoming Rockets Season Together

One of the more interesting questions surrounding the Houston Rockets this season is how Dwight Howard’s arrival will impact the players who were on the roster last year. Will the addition of a dominant big man help James Harden, or will it hurt his productivity? Mind you, to date, he’s never played with a center who is as talented as Howard is. Along the same lines: Will Howard free up Chandler Parsons and give him the sort of room to shoot that he didn’t have last year? Or will he simply reduce the 24-year-old’s touches?

And you can’t have a discussion about the Rockets’ starting lineup without invoking Jeremy Lin’s name.

When Howard was first brought on board, Lin expressed a certain degree of excitement about being able to run the pick-and-roll with his new center. There is really no question that Lin can run the pick-and-roll extremely well, and there is also very little doubt that he and Howard could develop some good chemistry given the opportunity. What some (read: I) wondered about was whether Lin would get the opportunity, given the fact that Harden is Houston’s main playmaker. If anyone would run the pick and roll with Howard, it would seemingly be the guy with the highest usage rate on the team.

While it’s too early to issue any definitive statements on how Lin and Howard will work together, it appears as though they’re at least making the effort.   

Check out what Hakeem Olajuwon tweeted out last week:

In Aspen w/the @HoustonRockets working out w/ @DwightHoward@JLin7 Coach McHale & the coaching staff.

— Hakeem Olajuwon (@DR34M) September 10, 2013

Will the Howard-Lin experiment work? We’ll find out soon enough. But either way, it should be pretty fun to watch.


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