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Louisville's Jennings Hires Agent, Staying in NBA Draft

Despite very unfavorable draft projections, Terrence Jennings has apparently heard enough positive things to hire an agent and officially stay in the NBA Draft. As a result, TJ’s somewhat frustrating career at Louisville is over.

He arrived to Louisville as a five-star prospect and a key piece to a monster 2008 recruiting class, but will leave as a bit of a disappointment. The raw talent and athleticism was there, and still is, but for whatever reason, TJ could just never put it together.

In an interview with UofL beat writer C.L. Brown, Terrence said this about this draft potential:

“Everything is looking on the up-and-up right now. Nobody has given me reason to pull my name out this year. That was the whole thing, just getting out there and playing in front of a couple of GMs and scouts and getting feedback. Most of the feedback I had gotten from them was I might be able to find a spot this year.”

I’m not going to comment on how stupid I think that final statement is.

To be fair, TJ is 23 years old and with the potential of splitting time with Gorgui Dieng, Zach Price, and possibly Tony Woods looming, it was questionable as to how much Terrence could improve his draft stock. I wish him the best and hope he makes it.


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