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Jen Bielema Pokes at Fans After Wisconsin’s Loss to Arizona State

Jen Bielema has handled her husband’s decision to jump ship from Wisconsin to Arkansas far worse than anyone else.

When Bret Bielema opted to ditch a rising Big Ten program for the lights and glamour of the SEC, some folks snickered, but most understood. The SEC is the crème de la crème of college football, and while it’d be nice if coaches actually stuck around programs instead of using every job as a launching pad to a better one, Bret Bielema’s move was handled about as well as one of that sort can be.

There was some initial back-and-forth in the direct aftermath, but aside from sports talk radio chatter, it seemed like all involved handled Bret Bielema’s decision relatively well.

Well, scratch that.

Most handled Bret Bielema’s move relatively well. His wife, Jen Bielema, is the exception to the rule.

This weekend, Wisconsin was screwed by awful refereeing and ended up losing to Arizona State as a result. Immediately after the game, as noted by The Inquistr, Jen Bielema tweeted out: #karma.


No word yet from Ms. Bielema on whether having to face Texas A&M, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Ole Miss in five out of Arkansas’ next six games is karma for something as well.


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