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NBA: Jazz Williams to Have MRI on Wrist

During a stunning loss to the San Antonio Spurs last night that has the entire blogosphere sitting on their hands and chewing their fingers this morning, Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams suffered a near-fatal hyperextension of his shooting wrist.

While it didn’t seem like a huge deal as he dropped 39 points on the visiting Spurs, the Jazz are still sending him for an MRI, according to Jonathan Rinehart (not a fucking clue who that is).

“Deron Williams will have an MRI performed on his hyper-extended right wrist Thursday morning,” Rinehart tweets.

So, if you play fantasy basketball, you are a tool.

The big problem here is that it’s his shooting wrist. If it was his other hand (the one he doesn’t shoot with), it’d be much less of a problem. The Jazz are currently clinging to their playoff lives in the No. 7 spot, so losing Williams for any prolonged period of time will hurt next year’s preseason ticket sales.


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