Jay Mariotti: Done at ESPN and AOL Fanhouse

Sports television personality and columnist Jay Mariotti is officially no longer employed by either ESPN or AOL Fanhouse. This according to SportsByBrooks and the Los Angeles Times.

The news comes a mere five days after Mariotti pleaded no contest to a Los Angeles Criminal Court charge of domestic violence.

Mariotti broke the news himself on his Twitter account Tuesday morning with the following two Tweets:

“I express deep gratitude to AOL for a fun, productive experience. I wish the talented staff at Fanhouse.com nothing but the best in the competitive Internet world.”

"Column writing has been a labor of love for 25 years, allowing me to see the world and cover some of the greatest athletes and events in sports. But it's time to step back from the daily sportswriting grind and focus on my other media ventures, including a book project."

After his court appearance last week, Mariotti’s attorney, Nick Hanna, referred to his client’s case as a “no contest plea to a low-level misdemeanor.”

In response, Leonard Levine who represented Mariotti’s assaulted girlfriend said that to call Mariotti’s crime “low-level” was “demeaning to women who face domestic abuse.”

After his plea bargain last week, Mariotti received 40 hours of community service, three years of probation and a mandatory year-long domestic violence rehabilitation course.


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