Jay Hieron on Waiting to Fight Jake Ellenberger: "I'm Physically and Mentally Ready"

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Jay Hieron's (23-5) return to the Octagon will be a little longer now that UFC 151 has been cancelled. The co-main event of the show was supposed to be Hieron vs. Jake Ellenberger (27-6). It has since been moved to UFC on FX 5 on October 5.

This isn't the first time a fight has been cancelled last minute on Hieron. A week before his 2008 Affliction debut, the company folded.

"I look at the positives of the situation," said Hieron. "I got more time to train [and] still got the contract for the UFC. For me I don't want to say it's a good thing, but I've been through lots of ups and downs through my career. I kind of just take it with a grain of salt and keeping moving forward. I don't think it's that bad, it's the circumstances. It just gives me more time to train for a great fight."

While many fighters and fans have expressed their disappointment about the situation, Hieron knows he couldn't do anything.

"It's out of my control," said Hieron. "Why am I going to stress? There's nothing any fighter on the card or I could do to change the situation."

Hieron was prepared for the fight and will now readjust his training.

"I'm physically and mentally ready," said Hieron. "I just need to pullback. If I keep going at this speed, I will over train. It's a shame; I was ready to go come next Saturday. It would have been a great night for me and I know Jake's in great shape too. We still got another date and it's just one month longer."

He also touched on if Jon Jones (16-1) made the right choice by pulling out of the fight.

"I don't know what's in his mind," said Hieron. "I don't know what he does. If I was in his shoes and they presented that fight to me I would have fought, but I can't say why he did what he did. He has his own reasons."

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