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Javaris Crittenton Finally Officially Arrested on Murder Charges

Oh what it must be like to be a famous celebrity or athlete who then gets busted for something big. You go from the top of the world to the bottom of some dude’s bunk in his cell. And that’s likely the scenario that former Washington Wizard Javaris Crittenton has found himself in (if he’s convicted of course).

The FBI has tracked down Crittenton in a California airport and arrested him for the murder of a 22-year old mother of four, who he allegedly shot during a drive by.

Brian Steel, the attorney retained by family members, shockingly said he didn’t do it.

“Mr. Crittenton wants to clear his name,” Steel told the AJC. “He’s innocent of the charges.”

So, just a couple of years ago, Crittenton was having a blast in the NBA, pulling guns on Gilbert Arenas in the locker room and everything was dandy. Now, he’s facing murder charges and could be put away for a very, very long time. Maybe he can be pen pals with Rae Carruth.


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