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Jason “Mayhem” Miller Seems Confident Heading into Match vs. CB Dollaway

In a recent interview conducted by fellow training partner Mark Munoz for FightHubTV, Jason "Mayhem" Miller gave insight into his training camp and diet, as well as an assurance to fans that he has little respect or regard for his opponent this weekend, CB Dollaway.

"I am looking past CB Dollaway," exclaimed the always animated fighter, "because I am going to beat him."

Why is "Mayhem" feeling so confident that he will get past Dollaway given the North Carolina native's utter failure to deliver on similar promises regarding British middleweight Michael Bisping?

The answer is all in where he trains: Mark Munoz's gym, Reign Training Center, located in Orange County, California.

"Reign is one of, if not the best training center in the world… I never thought of the idea of a sense of community so important in a training camp, and I've always kind of been a lone wolf.

"The love that I've felt in this training camp, and the real dedication to my training partners—that's something you can't fake. You can't buy that."

Even though Miller made his camp for his bout with Bisping at Reign as well, one major factor that is different for the Dollaway fight is "Mayhem's" work with Munoz's conditioning coach, Todd Norman.

"I'm maximizing my potential… If I get my ass kicked this time (against Dollaway), it's not for being in bad shape! I'm in good shape!" assured Miller.

"Mayhem" shared that a tremendous amount of work with Norman has been centered around building core strength, an area Miller admittedly has neglected out of ignorance.

"I've never in a training camp, had to ice my abs," he said. "It's shocking."

In addition to a new conditioning regimen, "Mayhem," along with Munoz, are on UFC veteran, and fellow training partner, the hulking Krystof Soszynski's strict diet.

Miller divulged that Soszynski hand-delivers meals to his house in plastic containers, and meets stern disapproval for "substitutions."

After showing off his improved physique for the camera, Miller also admitted that he has recently rewarded himself for six weeks on Soszynski's diet with a giant cheeseburger.

With a supportive and successful group of training partners guiding Miller's camp in the right direction, "Mayhem" hopes to make good on his promises to smash CB Dollaway this weekend on the preliminary card for UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir, beginning at 8 P.M. EST on FX.

For the full interview, watch the video below:

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