Jason "Mayhem" Miller Offers First Public Statement Since Arrest


It's been an interesting past week for Jason "Mayhem" Miller. While he's made no news in terms of his fighting career, Miller hasn't stayed out of the headlines completely.

Miller was arrested last week after being found inside a church. It appeared that Miller had broken in, causing minor damage. He was found at the scene that morning.

Now, Miller has taken to his Facebook page to try and clear things up and allow people to know how he is doing.

"I know you are all probably very confused about me right now, and concerned for my well being," Miller posted. "I thank you for that, and please understand that everything is fine, and will probably make a lot more sense as time passes. Love you all."

Miller, a former coach on The Ultimate Fighter, was released by the promotion after a loss to C.B. Dollaway.

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