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Jason "Mayhem" Miller Goes on a Weird Twitter Rant

Former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller has made news in recent days after he was arrested for an alleged break-in at a California church. Saturday night, Miller took to Twitter to fire off several interesting messages that revealed another side of the former Ultimate Fighter coach.

"You can judge me if you want, hate me if you want, say anything you want. This is Amareca, you have rights. Just don't Harm anyone. Respect the rights of free speech, and also recognize that speech is just that, speech, if you allow it to affect you, it's your own fault. I have walked down much harder roads than this, many times before. I don't want you to waste thumb energy protecting me, or bashing me."

Miller continued by directing a series of Tweets towards the person known as FonzoBlunt on Twitter.

Below is what Miller posted on his wall:

Ready for your lesson My former disciple and BBF, the creature formerly known as (FonzoBlunt) now and forever after to be referred to as 'Bacteria,' the lowest form of organic life. An single celled organism that only gets life from destroying the life of another organism. Yes (FonzoBlunt) i invite you into my home, accepted you, let you have anything you wanted, but you could not fight the greed.

The fear of not having enough, not being famous enough, not getting what you feel you are ENTITLED to, (FonzoBlunt) so you try and wreck what I have built... From the street up, mistaking my kindness for stupidity, unware of the all-seeing eyes that reside in my home. I am not mad at you, (FonzoBlunt) you have taught me a valuable lesson, and I thank you for the experience - you will still be punished but not in the form of me pressing charges, or beating you, no.

(FonzoBlunt) you are banished from the monkeys, never to return again your journey is your own, and the one you walk now is a sad one, littered with hurt feelings and pain to those you interact with, i feel sad for you, but I can no longer trust you to be around me, or anyone in my family, (FonzoBlunt) I wish you luck on your journey I hope that one day you find try joy and acceptance of who you are, despite the restrictions society places on you, and you learn that you can never advance your standing in this life or the next by trying to hurt another human to feed your ego.

Miller apologized for "clogging your feed," after posting the series of messages. We have yet to hear if charges will be pressed against "Mayhem" in connection with the break-in.

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