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Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Dana White Go Back and Forth on Twitter

Former UFC fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller decided to call out UFC president Dana White on Twitter recently. One of the more interesting things Miller said involved the ex-TUF coach hoping that White would go "kill yourself."

Below is a collection of what Miller had to say:

You never begged me to retire (White) you must not love me. That's a shame, I love you. ... It's ok. Since you never allowed me to officially retire, I am now a Warrior for Peace and Ultimate Fighter for Justice. ... Kill yourself (White) we are all begging you. ... I think you misunderstand. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I put my energy into the wrong efforts, ... and now my life is shaping up into exactly what I want it to be.

Howabout I fight that fight that Tito "ducked" out of ... but we will do three rounds in (Lorenzo Fertitta) other cage. The one where you get to wear a shirt. I know you are a ... .a bit insecure about taking your shirt off now that you have implemented random drug testing-but I think you look great-Love You ... my feelings are not hurt. I feel closer to human than ever. There are no exclaimation points here. ... no need for phone calls. I appreciate the car. The money I use to feed the people I love, thank you. When you are ready.

Here is what White had to say:

lol retire Mayhem I'M BEGGIN U!!! ... good for u. Then WTF are u (expletive) out me not BEGGIN u to retire? Then I respond and now ur (expletive) feelings are hurt. ... u never won 1 fight in the UFC and ur last 2 showings were embarrassing to say the least. ... then u get kicked out MB for the s*** u said to that woman now u want to fight me!!? Ya sounds like ur life is going great. ... call me.

Miller was released after back-to-back losses to Michael Bisping and C.B. Dollaway. He also lost his previous UFC fight to Georges St-Pierre.

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