Jason Kidd And Bucks Owner Marc Lasry May Have Planned Kidd's Brooklyn Exit


If you’re a Nets fan, chances are all that affinity you once had for Jason Kidd has worn off now. The former Nets star and coach was shipped to Milwaukee for two second round picks following a shameless attempted power grab in Brooklyn, and you don’t get the feeling he’ll be missed.

Well, good news: I’m about to give you another reason to dislike him.

Kidd requested to talk with Milwaukee immediately after his blowup with Nets management. That blowup was caused because Kidd wanted control over Nets basketball operations in similar ways that Greg Popovich, Doc Rivers, and Stan Van Gundy have control over their teams. It was a ridiculous request that obviously wasn’t going to happen, but here’s the thing: Kidd might have known that.

It surfaced in recent days that Kidd is close personal friends with Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry. Lasry was Kidd’s financial advisor during his playing days, and the two have developed a lasting relationship since. This helps explains why, of all teams, Kidd immediately went to the Bucks following his dispute in Brooklyn. But there’s more.

A New York Post report claims Kidd tried to convince Nets management to ship two Nets players to the Bucks in a lopsided deal just days before his attempted power grab. Post writer Fred Kerber reports that Kidd urged management to ship Brook Lopez and Mirza Teletovic – two solid players – to the Bucks for just Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova in return. You don’t have to be a GM to realize that’s a horrible deal that would have sent way more talent to Milwaukee than the Nets would've gotten in return.

All together, this raises the question: were Kidd and Lasry planning this move all along? Did Kidd purposefully go to the Nets with demands so ridiculous that the team would be forced to move him? Even worse, was he trying to prep Milwaukee’s roster ahead of time – at the Nets’ expense -- for his eventual arrival?

Though we’ll probably never know definitively – and we don’t want to go into all-out tin foil hat mode -- it looks like a real possibility.

Either way, don’t expect any love for Jason Kidd the next time he visits the Barclays Center.


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