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Janowicz Meltdown: Tennis Player Goes Crazy at Australian Open

Tennis players exploding over botched calls is nothing out of the ordinary. Similarly, judges botching calls that they probably shouldn’t botch happens more often than it should, too. Based off those two assertions it is safe to say that when a tennis player goes insane over a messed up call and it actually makes news, the explosion must have been pretty noteworthy.

During a recent Australian Open match, Jerzy Janowicz reacted somewhat poorly when a shot from his opponent that he felt was out ultimately got ruled in by judge Marija Cicak. How badly did he respond, exactly?


Janowicz would earn himself a code violation before everything was said and done, however, he did ultimately end up winning the lengthy match. Maybe there is a method to his madness.

"You can't control your emotions all the time," he said after the fact. "Actually, I went nuts. I calmed down little bit later on. Sometimes I have problem to control by emotions, but I'm trying to work on this."

Yeah, working on it is probably a good idea.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports, HuffPo)

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