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Jamie Varner: "I Could Have Beat Joe Lauzon"

Jamie Varner (20-7-1-2 NC) is confident that his fighting style cost him a victory against Joe Lauzon (22-7) at UFC on FOX 4.

"I could have beat Joe Lauzon with a jab and won a boring decision," said Varner. "I wanted to put pressure on him, be exciting and go for the finish. I'm always looking for the finish and I unfortunately got caught."

Varner thinks that his continues offense makes his fights more enjoyable for the fans, but has led him to some loses.

"With my fighting style, I fight with reckless abandonment," said Varner. "Because I don't stop, people enjoy my fighting. I put myself in bad positions and do get caught. I'd rather fight hard and have people enjoy watching me fight then always fighting not to lose."

Lauzon defeated Varner via submission when they fought. Currently, there next fight is unknown.

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