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MMA: James Toney's Sad, Racist Attacks on Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

The IRS formally sought to take most of James Toney's paycheck for his fight against Randy Couture the day before he stepped into the Octagon. The UFC didn't even give Toney's team a courtesy call, according to early reports on this pre-fight distraction of sorts.

Toney had to find out on his own that the fight might be all for nothing. He could not hang with Randy Couture, and he went down easy. Before he even stepped into the cage for live competition he badmouthed everybody he could in a sport he knew nothing about.

He is a baby in MMA, and a big one at that. He has not yet learned that this sport is supposed to thrive on respect and mutual appreciation for the skills involved in fighting MMA in the first place. Toney needs a few days painting the fence and sanding the floor at Mr. Miyagi's house before he can legitimately have any standing to call Quinton "Rampage" Jackson an Uncle Tom

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James Toney is simply panhandling for another fight in the UFC he doesn't deserve. He's calling out Jackson now with racial epithets and insults like "black redneck" as if this is going to get him what he wants. James Toney obviously needs the money. 

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is one of those fighters reporters hardly ever write about without referencing his nickname. He has been around the business and established as a fighter in MMA since before James Toney even knew what MMA was. He has nothing to prove to anyone by taking on James Toney. Unless Dana White and the UFC want to really embarrass this guy, Toney has no chance of being able to get this fight done. He can't compete with Jackson, and he seems to be begging for a rigged stand up war with no kicks, elbows, wrestling, or any of that Jiu Jitsu stuff he can't really defend. 

Resorting to boxing style hype, acting like you're part of the team when you're not, and yelling at the bouncer when your name is not on the exclusive guest list. Does this get you fights in the UFC even after you've demonstrated little to no commitment to learning enough about MMA to make a halfway decent showing in your debut?

The fact is James Toney should be pointing the finger at himself and figuring out what he did wrong. His actions seem to indicate he has no patience for starting small. He just wants the big payday fights, and if he doesn't figure out he has to train hard to beat the best, what's the point of letting him fight? Furthermore, why would MMA want a crass character like this with no respect for anyone and a lack of understanding of the sport itself?

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If Toney wants to call out Jackson and call him names, he shouldn't be afraid to be called a few bad names himself. I think the best one comes from an old Nintendo game. He looked like "Glass Joe" from Mike Tyson's Punch Out in there against Couture in Boston this past August. He was a whale out of water, and he's obviously not taking training or technique seriously. Boxing is nothing like MMA, but there can be a lot of boxing in MMA. It's a staple, but you run huge risks of being dominated in a fight if it's the only staple you have in your staplegun.

 Randy Couture can't compete with the light heavyweight division in boxing these days, but then again he doesn't try to and say he can. He's an MMA specialist with multiple disciplines as his strength. This shows his respect for the sport and his strong understanding of its limitations.

James Toney is turning into a stereotype of his own: a bum. He's calling out to every passer by, asking everybody to give him a few bucks and let him fight. It's incredibly pathetic to see a guy like Toney have to resort to this and to see him get the kind of press that gives him hope this fight might actually happen. 

James Toney should retire from MMA indefinitely. If they ever fight, Rampage Jackson will be the Mike Tyson to his Lou Savarese


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