NFL: JaMarcus Russell Facing Foreclosure


We have to admit that OTR was very, very upset when former No. 1-overall pick JaMarcus Russell was released from the Oakland Raiders. The first pick in the NFL draft didn’t even come close to signing with another NFL team. We were very sad, because he is frankly a ton of fun to talk about.

Well, he’s back in the news. According to, Russell’s $2.4 million mansion in the Bay Area is facing foreclosure if he doesn’t cough up the last three months worth of mortgage payments.

That would be roughly $195,512.05. Do you have any idea how much Purple Drank he’d have to sell to make that?

Russell got $31+ million to sign in 2007, and it’s not known if he’s blown through all that, or if he just doesn’t pay his bills. He was arrested recently for possessing an ass ton of Sizzurp, which is a codeine-based drink used to get high by low-level urbanites in the South.

We don’t know why exactly we have so much fun breaking JaMarcus’s balls. Maybe it’s because he pocketed a ton of money and then completely half-assed it in the pro’s, all the while saying it wasn’t his fault that he sucked.


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