Raiders JaMarcus "Train Wreck" Russell Weighs in at 290 lbs.


We just can’t even pretend that this guy is anything less than a train wreck at this point. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell has weighed in at an alarming 290 lbs. Seriously.

“Two people reported that Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell returned to Oakland and tipped the scales at 290 pounds. At least he was under 3 bills,” Schefter tweets.

For the love of god. This must be why there is so much talk of the Raiders wanting Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. 290 lbs.?? That’s huge for a defensive end. The good news is that it’s light for a defensive tackle.

Photo Caption:The shadow of JaMarcus Russell’s ass weighs 15 lbs.

Our biggest problem is that JaMarcus continues to get labeled with words like poor work ethic, lazy and flat-out awful. And he continues to do nothing about it. He seems to have no problem showing up as a fat slob and not working hard, and yet will be the first one to say after a horrific loss, “I don’t think I was the problem.”

JaMarcus, get lost. We usually have fun making fun of you, but we can’t really say that anymore. You are disgracing the NFL and you are disgracing a proud franchise. This guy may very well earn the title of biggest bust in NFL history.


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