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Former Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell Arrested

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the former No. 1-overall draft pick, free agent QB JaMarcus Russell goes and takes it to another level. Released by the Oakland Raiders a couple months ago, now Russell has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Russell was found to be in possession of codeine syrup. Police arrested him in his home during an undercover investigation.

The codeine syrup is used to make “purple drank” or “lean.” PFT even referred to it as “sizzurp.” The bottom line is that it’s illegal and it’s usually associated with poor people who want to get high. We aren’t exactly sure what he’s doing with it, he can afford much better stuff.

As it is, hardly any teams have shown a serious interest in adding Russell to their rosters. This can’t help. And while we don’t know how exactly “purple drank” makes you feel, but if laziness is a side effect then this would explain a lot.


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