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JaMarcus Russell Admits Codeine Use Got Out of Hand

Former Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell had several problems that lead to him not being on an NFL team. Most just assumed it was laziness, lack of leadership and not being very good at football.

But, he was recently arrested for being in possession of “sizzurp” and that shed light on many things. Like…a lot of things.

In an ESPN “Outside the Lines” interview (scheduled to air August 22nd), he tells Colleen Dominguez that he has used codeine in the past, but that he doesn’t have a drug problem.

“I missed all of training camp, so I didn’t get tested when all the other guys got tested,” Russell told Dominguez. “I had a prescription from a doctor, but it wasn’t the team doctor.”

While one of Russell’s friends recently tried to say that the codeine syrup that the cops found at Russell’s house was actually his, there was police testimony that said that Russell was sitting in bed with a cup of fresh orange “purple drank” next to him. That would dovetail with….oh…..just about everything we’ve heard about Russell and his love of the “lean.”

“Around the time when I first got there or a year after I got there,” Russell said, when asked when the Raiders said something to him. “[They] said they were gettin’ word in the streets about me using drugs. Then, one of the doctors came to me.”

So, while he admits that he’s been involved with codeine in the past, he doesn’t really admit to his love of “sizzurp.” We think it’s pretty obvious that this guy likes his “sizzurp.” And what millionaire doesn’t? We’ll be damned if you can find a picture of Steve Jobs in public without a white cup of the stuff in his hand.

When all of this came out, the Raiders released a statement saying that they “did all they could to intervene and assist with a myriad of issues with JaMarcus Russell.”

With the money they paid him, that’s probably a pretty accurate statement.


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