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Jake Locker Injury Update: How Much Time Will He Miss?

The extent of Jake Locker’s injury is still unclear at this point. After the Tennessee Titans quarterback underwent x-rays, it was reported that the results showed no breaks or tears. However, as a result of swelling, it appears as though all involved are not 100 percent confident that this is something minor.

More exams are expected to be conducted, and on Tuesday, Locker is set to have an MRI. After that, team officials will likely give an estimated time table as far as how much time he will have to miss.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, the team’s offseason pick-up from the Buffalo Bills, will fill in for Locker in the mean time.

During a session with reporters on Monday, head coach Mike Munchak expounded on his playcaller’s condition.

“He still has swelling so they don’t want to speculate on terming what that means or how long and rehab and how long this all will take,” he said, per Inquistr.

“He’ll be MRI’d again tomorrow, then we’ll have a better idea exactly what the time frame before he can actually play or get back on the field.”

The Titans are currently 3-1 for the season. They beat the hapless New York Jets 38-13 this past week, and are scheduled to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in their next outing.


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