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Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron: Complete Fight Highlights

While Antonio Silva versus Travis Browne got most of the pre-event hype, this is the fight that most UFC fans were really looking forward to.

Jake Ellenberger came out of the gate patient in the first round, and at certain times it felt like Jay Hieron was slightly overly aggressive. Ultimately, at the end of the first, it seemed as though Hieron was needlessly wearing himself out while Ellenberger was just picking his moments.

In the second round Hieron came out clearly looking to be a little tactically smarter with his shots, but the round’s highlight still wound up belonging Ellenberger. He connected on a beautiful takedown, and then he bloodied Hieron up a bit going into the third.

The third round wasn’t particularly eventful, and you could probably give this one to Hieron if you really wanted to. There was a case to be made for it going either way, though.

When it was all said and done – Ellenberger emerged victorious.

Check out the highlights from this one in the video below.

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