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Jaguars Kassim Osgood Pistol Whipped at Cheerleader's Home

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Kassim Osgood is recovering Thursday from injuries he suffered after being pistol whipped by the ex-boyfriend of a young woman he was visiting. He ended up having to jump from a second floor window to escape.

Osgood was watching TV with a 19-year-old Jaguars cheerleader named Mackenzie Rae Putnal in Jacksonville Monday night, when police say Putnal's ex-boyfriend burst into the house.

"I can’t believe you’re with that guy," Julian Armond Bartletto, 20, reportedly shouted as he pointed the gun at them. According to the police report, he pulled Putnal around the room by her hair, punched her, and hit both Putnal and Osgood in the head with the weapon.

When Putnal tried to run out of the room, Bartletto tackled her, then held the gun to her head and said, "What did that football player say to his girlfriend, ’It’s a good day to die,’ " referring to a recent case of a college football player arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

He then ordered Putnal and Osgood to sit on the floor. Instead, Putnal ran out of the room down a hallway, leaping over a balcony to the floor below. Bartletto ran after her, giving Osgood the opportunity to jump out of the window and call for help.

In the meantime, Bartletto caught up with Putnal, who now somehow had a gun of her own. They exchanged gunfire, but they both missed. 

Bartletto ran off before police arrived, but was arrested later at his home. He is charged with of aggravated battery, false imprisonment, armed robbery, burglary and violation of an injunction -- a restraining order to stay away from Putnal, police said.

The 30-year-old Osgood had some minor bruises from his escape and being pistol-whipped, the Sheriff’s Office report said. He declined to comment Wednesday.

"He’s fine," Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said. "I’m aware of it. I really can’t comment on that whole deal. But he’s doing OK."


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