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No Offer for Jaguars' Tyson Alualu

This is the part of sports that we just don’t understand. Not one bit. According to multiple media outlets, the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t even made an offer to first-round pick Tyson Alualu (10th overall).

Really? Really?

We would love to know what they’ve been doing. Why on Earth would you not even start negotiating with your first-round pick? We’re sure they’ve been talking, but really? No offer yet?

It’s the same thing with the St. Louis Rams. They don’t have a deal yet for No. 1-overall pick Sam Bradford. We saw a report a while ago that said they planned to start negotiations shortly. Really? What in the hell are you waiting for? Why weren’t you working on this even before the draft? You knew you were going to take him. What is the benefit in letting everyone sit around playing “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” when there are things to be done?

It’s the same thing with the new CBA. The NFL is in danger of seeing their first work stoppage since 1987 and they meet with the player’s union once every six months or so. Really? No hurry? Take your time, things will work themselves out when there is no f’ing football to be played.

So as far as the Jags not making an offer to their top pick even as training camp is on the horizon, maybe that’s not so ridiculous. Maybe that’s standard operating procedure in the NFL. And we admit we don’t understand it. But it would seem that GM Gene Smith would need to get things moving a little bit and stop waiting for No. 9 and No. 11 to sign. At least insult the guy with a lowball offer. It’s ok, he’ll live.

Maybe they are trying to get a good deal on him because they took him way too high. That’s your own fault, Gene.


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