Jacob Volkmann on Hector Lombard: "Judging from His Last UFC Fight, I Think I Could Take Him"

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Jacob Volkmann is a talented wrestler who honed his skills on the mat at the University of Minnesota. As an MMA fighter, Volkmann has posted a 14-3 record, and is slated to return to action this September atUFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson.

Back when he was just three weeks out from a meeting with Danny Castillo in 2011, Volkmann went down to train at the American Top Team gym in Florida with a teammate. During the practice session, he ran into Hector Lombard and had what left a lasting impression in his mind.

"It was grappling time and he asked me to wrestle him," said Volkmann, in a recent interview with Sherdog.com. "I went over and we got our own little mat area like the size of a circle on a regular mat. We started wrestling. I was doing collar ties, and then all of a sudden, he karate chopped me in the side of the neck. I was light, 'Alright.' I didn't really take any shots because I felt that he was kind of a spaz. Then all of a sudden, he pushes me away and punches me in the face."

Volkmann said one of Lombard's coaches had to step in, as the former Bellator middleweight champion wanted to fight right there and then.

Lombard recently made his UFC debut, falling to Tim Boetsch. Volkmann said, "Judging from his last UFC fight, I think I could take him." The two are several weight classes apart, as Volkmann competes at lightweight.

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