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Jacob Volkmann Doesn't Understand Why People Call Him Boring

Critics of Jacob Volkmann (14-3), who label the fighter as boring due to his frequent takedown and grappling techniques don't realize what fighting is about, according to the lightweight.

"I don't understand why people say my fights are boring," said Volkmann to The Score. "It's just a different style. People don't understand the technical style and then other people don't like my fights and write on the internet and it really frustrates me. People that understand fighting, that understand there's technique behind what I'm doing, they're the ones who think the fights are exciting."

Volkmann is 5-3 since he joined the UFC in 2009. Before his last fight, he was on a five fight win streak.

As far as the internet fans go, Volkmann is none too pleased with their reaction to him.

"You know there's some fat turds out there having his heyday because he has a forum and wants to write some bad stuff about me, but he doesn't understand the sport," said Volkmann. "I really don't care about those guys."

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