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Jacksonville Jaguars Rookie Justin Blackmon is Done Drinking, For Right Now

As you probably already know, Justin Blackmon recently was arrested for a DUI.

According to the arrest report, he blew a .24 on the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) test, which is three times the legal limit.

After getting absolutely destroyed for the last couple of days, the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie wide receiver says he has given up on drinking...for now.


Justin Blackmon stated at a Wednesday press conference that he has given up drinking “for right now” following a second DUI arrest in a 20-month span.

Blackmon denied that he has a drinking problem, even if the facts suggest otherwise. “We’re obviously very disappointed in this incident,” GM Gene Smith said. “This type of behavior is unacceptable.” Smith indicated that any discipline for Blackmon would be a “league matter,” and not come from the Jaguars.

I love how it just says "for now." Why not "for good"? You could've killed yourself, man.

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