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Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Jack Del Rio

Apparently, the brass within the Jacksonville Jaguars organization isn’t thrilled about a 3-8 start. And they seem to be less thrilled with the overall performance of head coach Jack Del Rio. How do we know?

They fired him.

Yep, after his latest loss and latest round of “throw a coach under the bus,” the Jags decided they had had enough. Del Rio, you may have noticed, has been blaming late-game play calling and timeout usage on his offensive coordinator Dick Koetter.

Sources tell Pete Prisco of CBS Sports that people within the organization were upset that Del Rio used to show up at 9 a.m. and leave the building relatively early. They think that he got very lazy once he signed his contract and it sounds like that was the case.

Oh well, the interim job now goes to defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. All he has to do is win out with a substandard rookie QB who has no receiving weapons on the outside and he’ll be able to say that his team was 8-8 as they make tee times at one of the many gorgeous Jacksonville-area golf resorts.


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