MMA: Reaction to Jackson, Penn Winning at UFC 123


The one drawback of publishing thoughts/opinions on the internet is the exposure you leave yourself in the event that you are completely proved wrong. This was the case with me as my preview and predictions on the UFC 123 card that took place this past Saturday provide to be as reliable as Lindsay Lohan’s self-control.  But, unlike a large majority of keyboard warriors out here on the interwebs, I am man enough to admit when I am wrong.  And, boy was I wrong regarding UFC 123.

Well, let me temper that with the fact that the Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s decision victory over Lyoto Machida in the night’s main event was close.  In fact, some have gone as far as to say that the decision was controversial.  I am not one of these types.  I feel that the aggressive fighter should get the nod if all things are equal.  I understand effective aggression argument, and that Machida may have landed the cleaner blows, but if your pace is being dictated by the opponent, how much are you truly in control of the fight?  Jackson should be commended for gutting out a victory over a tough opponent all the while suffering from what is being reported as either the flu, or an upper repertory infection.  Like UFC President Dana White is fond of saying in the face of controversial decisions, “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.” 

As for the night’s co-main event, BJ Penn proved that he is indeed a “Prodigy” when he is fully committed and focused.  In blasting out the resurging Matt Hughes in under a minute, Penn may have rejuvenated his career in his news weight class.  Penn is the type of fighter who can drive you mad as a fan.  On some occasions his fighting style is transcendent, and then in other fights he looks flat and disconnected.  Hopefully with the move up to a new weight class, and the popularity surrounding his dominating performance, Penn will return to form.  Can Penn mix it up in the division?  Sure he can, even at this stage of his career.  Though, he gets no respite for his dominating performance at UFC 123 as Jon Fitch has been announced as his next opponent. 

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