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Chargers' Vincent Jackson Speaking with Seahawks

What a mess we have out here in San Diego, huh? Chargers’ WR Vincent Jackson (and their left tackle Marcus McNeil) have refused to sign their restricted free agent tenders and are demanding long-term deals.

Now, the team has placed them on the roster exempt list as of Friday night. This means that once they do sign their tenders (doesn’t look like that’s happening), they will be suspended for three games.


A source told the North County Times that the Chargers have given permission to the Seattle Seahawks to talk to Jackson and his agent about a long-term contract. Stunningly, they’ve only given Seattle permission. Why wouldn’t you open up the bidding to more teams and get better compensation? Is this a reward for taking Charlie Whitehurst off their hands?

But anyway, it seems that talks with Seattle have cooled off because Jackson wants money similar to what the Miami Dolphins gave Brandon Marshall. That would be a four-year, $46.5 million deal with $24 million in guarantees. Obviously, the Seahawks told him that you aren’t Brandon Marshall.

So now what? Everyone just sits and waits?

“As I said before, we’re not to going to talk about Vincent. We’ve all moved on,” Smith said. “If he decides to return to the team, then I’ll be happy to talk about him.”

Keep in mind that if Jackson did come back to the team, he’d have to miss the first six games. Between the three game suspension for being on the roster exempt list and the three game suspension for getting convicted of a second DUI……yeah, that’s six games.

Jackson is a nice receiver, but maybe Seattle is looking at all this and saying he’s just not worth the headaches.


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