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Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler Leave Lakers Game Early (Video)

Jack Nicholson is a lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan. He has been a season ticket holder since the 1970s. He has sat courtside at both the Forum and Staples Center consistently over the past 25 years. It is common knowledge, despite Nicholson denying it, that at least a few of his filming schedules were rearranged to better fall in line with the Lakers’ schedule.

Nicholson’s love and devotion to all things purple and gold, his inherent fandom, is beyond reproach at this point.

They don’t make more legitimate Lakers fans than Jack. And yet even he can’t stand to watch this horrifically embarrassing ballclub anymore.

During Friday night’s showdown between the Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder, Nicholson threw up his arms and left what would ultimately be a 15-point home shellacking early in the fourth quarter.

Check it out:

The Lakers have lost six straight and seven of their last eight. The odds of them even making the postseason at this point are slim to none. The odds of them winning the title (a laughable notion right now) have plummeted to 25-1.

You can’t stop being a Lakers fan – it’s like disowning a child. You can say that you don’t care or that you’re giving up on them, but deep down you know it’s all just talk. Being a fan isn’t predicated on how successful a team is, you just are one or you aren’t. That being said, if ever there was a group that would make Lakers fans stop caring about the Lakers, this is definitely the one.

When Jack gives up on you – you’re in serious trouble.

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