Nuggets' J.R. Smith in Trouble... Again


Denver Nuggets shooting guard J.R. Smith always seems to be involved in something that he shouldn’t. Whether it’s a car accident, a nightclub incident, having to shut his Twitter account down for making gang references, it’s always something.

Sources tell AOL Fanhouse that Smith was involved in an incident at the Nuggets practice facility on August 13th that involved him getting into a fight with a non-team member who was training with the team. Police have confirmed the incident to AOL Fanhouse.

“We did have a report of an altercation that took place at the Denver Nuggets’ practice facility,” Detective John White of the Denver Police Department told FanHouse by phone. “That case was investigated and ultimately presented to the district attorney’s office. … Ultimately, the district attorney’s office, after being presented with the findings by the Denver Police Department, decided not to pursue charges.

“We were called to that location about an incident possibly involving Mr. Smith. When we got there, the officers conducted their investigation. It did involve Mr. Smith.”


Fanhouse talked to a source who was at the gym when the incident occurred. Apparently, some of the coaches were encouraging the guy who was attacked to be physical with Smith on the court.

“They were just wanting the guy to be physical with J.R., telling the other guys, ‘Hey, body up on the guys and really make them work,’” the source said. “J.R. just lost it. He tried to choke the kid, and the kid called the cops.”

Smith spent 24 days in jail last summer on charges relating to a 2007 car accident that killed one of his friends in Millstone Twp., New Jersey (we’ll be driving on that road tomorrow. That has nothing to do with the story, we just thought we’d add it). He was suspended a few games for that, and it always seems like he’s involved with something.

Can’t be fun to be running the Nuggets these days.


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