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Cavaliers Fans: Time to Get Over LeBron

I was skimming the headlines on yesterday when I came across one that kind of bummed me as a Cleveland fan. “Josh Cribbs’s Tweet LeBron James pic triggers outpouring of bile and support.”

Really Cleveland?

The article talked about how Cribbs was in LA and so Dan Gilbert gave him tickets to Sunday’s All-Star game. During the game, Cribbs tweeted “My boy @KingJames” and included a picture of LeBron from the court.

I saw Cribbs’ tweet when he posted it Sunday night. He quickly followed it with a tweet sayingIf ur threatening to not be a fan bc I’m friends wit @KingJames u were never a fan to being with…

Cribbs’ response might have been to a tweet by someone stating “Unfollowing Josh Cribbs and wishing he was traded today.” Not all the tweets were negative. A lot of them stated they didn’t think it was bad for Cribbs to support a friend, even if it was LeBron, but some of the tweets were pretty harsh, making it seem like no one who supported Cleveland should be friends with LeBron.

Because of this incident, posted a poll: “How do you feel about Josh Cribbs’ after his tweets from the NBA All-Star game?” The highest percentage (30.19%) chose “This is no big deal; it’s being blown out of proportion,” however the next highest percentage (23.07%) picked “I can’t cheer for a guy who is a fan of LeBron.

This past Sunday, I posted a column on why Cleveland fans are so great. I said it was because we’re loyal. But perhaps that could also sometimes be our downfall. Perhaps sometimes we’re too loyal.

When LeBron left, he hurt Cleveland. Everyone was upset and everyone made their anger pretty obvious. However, it’s now been over seven months since The Decision and Cleveland needs to let their anger go.

If we took all the time and energy we spent being angry at LeBron and put it into cheering on the Cavs, think of how much more we would support them. We’re great fans now; this addition would only make us greater.

It’s not just the fans though. The media does it too. There are so many days when I look through sports headlines and see something about LeBron James and Cleveland. Comparing something to him, saying we’re still worse without him, or talking about something he said about the Cavs. We all just need to let it go and move on.

Don’t be angry about what we don’t have, be happy about what we do have.

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