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NBA Analysis: Rockets Win Close Game vs. Sixers

Houston Rockets - 105 Philidelphia 76ers - 114

Player of the Game- Kyle Lowry – He could not get it done late in the game against Phili, however he did have one of his best offensive nights of his career. Lowry seemed to be very careful in his decision making and his shot selection, which was better than I have ever seen. On a night where the rest of our guys shoot so poor, it makes me think how miserable the game might have been if Kyle was not on fire.  He finished with 36 points on 15-18 shooting (career high) with seven assist. Despite his perfect shooting for three quarters, the Rockets were unable to help Kyle out and get the win.

Play of the Game: Might have been one of those games where I was too upset to notice anything special, but I guess Brooks had a nice behind the back pass to J. Hill on a fast break. Also Patty Pat had some monster dunks that for some reason reminded me of Joey Dorsey. <– Glad he is gone.

Where is the D? - The Rockets did not bring the effort and intensity that was needed to win this game. They gave up 20+ fast break points and only turned the ball over 8 times. Those stats really shows bad transition defense and Thaddeus Young was there to take advantage. I might have to go back and edit my “Play of the Game” section now thinking about it for a while. Young was beating all the Rockets down the floor and throwing it down. I have always liked Young as a player and also thought the Rockets could use a player of his skill set when we still had Yao.

What Stands Out?- Besides Lowry’s huge scoring night, it is hard to say what else caught my attention. After watching this game and then later checking the box score, not a whole stands out for us. Actually I take that back, one player does stand out, but not in a good way. Got any ideas of who it is? Here are some clues; As a team, we shot a terrible percentage from behind the arc (28%) and also only shot ten free throws.  He is the guy that runs the other direction every time the ball goes up in the air. Also the guy that pump fakes more than he blinks. You know who he is! The guy that throws his arms into every defender.  The guy that makes a living from the charity stripe. Who else could I be talking about? The one and only Kevin Martin. (34 minutes, 3-12 shooting, 1-2 free throws and 9 points)

I know it seems like I am putting all the blame on him but don’t be confused, I am no Kevin Martin hater. I think he is a great addition to our team and an ideal “partner in crime” for any superstar we might be able to land. What bothers me is that he is our best player. You could argue Scola is our most talented player and I wouldn’t disagree with that either but the difference is that I can count on Luis to give the same effort every night. So when our top scorer is having a mini-slump over the past four games(18-53 fg shooting) and also shows very little hustle, it only hurts our entire team.

Kevin!  <– My best reference/wake up call up the year!

Random Thoughts :

Some more stats that I forgot to mention: Iggy’s triple double, Jrue Holiday’s unstoppable 20 points and 8 assist.  That’s all you get Phili.  This is a Rockets Blog.

“Just to feel the energy in the locker room after the game, the guys were really happy. That makes me feel good because I didn’t know that I would see this joy this year with this group with the way we started. … We had to really work hard to make this happen.” – A giddy Doug Collins

“We didn’t guard them all night long.” A frustrated Rick Adleman

Am I the only one that is glad Collins is a coach again? I was getting sick of listening to his play call for NBA games. He would always put me to sleep and also never really impressed me with his criticisms of other coaches.

Is Rick Adleman on his way out of town? He came here to coach T-mac and Yao and ended up with a bad version of his old Sacramento teams. He seemed to have a lot more fun coaching young players last year than this year. Makes me really wonder about the direction we are heading in.

“Lebron said Dwayne Wade made the best pass of all time. Non-sense!” – Bill Worrell

Where you at Budinger? 0-6 in 18 minutes? I think it is time to unleash Terrance Williams if Bud is suffering.


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