Italian Sport Combines Rugby With Fist Fighting (Video)


The Calcio Fiorentino is a yearly event held in Florence, Italy.

This bizarre sport is an older form of rugby combined with fist fighting. The player with the ball patiently waits behind his teammates who beat up the opposing team and sit on them.

According to, a recent semi-final match was played between Santo Spirito and Santa Croce (video below).

Once the player with the ball finally makes his move towards the goal, which is the opposite side of the field, the opposing team can use any means necessary to stop him.

When the player with the ball is brought down, the referee takes the ball and throws it high into the air while the men pummel each other for a chance to catch it. notes that "punching, kicking, elbowing, and head butting are allowed" and the 50-minute game begins with a cannon blast.

The prize for the winning team is a cow.

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