It All Comes Down to This for Rashad Evans and Jon Jones


The drama between Rashad Evans, Jon Jones and the Greg Jackson camp has been well documented.

In fact, saying that it's been "well documented" is being generous –- it's been hammered into the ground. And if you're tired of hearing about it, think about how fed up Jones and Evans must be from constantly talking about it. As much was clear at yesterday's UFC 145 pre-fight press conference, where both men were much more subdued and polite with each other than what we're used to seeing.

As with all things, the bitterness and resentment that both men held onto for so long seems to have passed with time.

"Honestly, I had a year to kinda deal with the situation. I've made my peace in a lot of ways with the situation," said Evans. "So, I'm not really that emotionally invested into it anymore. I know I had to tell the story over and over again and every single time I tell the story they say, 'Oh my god, he's whining!' But, they're asking me the question. If they didn't ask me, then I wouldn't even say anything about it.

"But, for the most part, Greg says what he says, Wink says what he says and it's whatever. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth."

For Jones, the lead-up to the fight -- once pitched and heated -- has turned into a kind of therapy.

"It's funny, because I think the more you hear the story and the more we all go at it and talk about the coaches and try to figure out who's telling the truth and what side is the most legit, it's almost therapeutic for everybody," said the champ. "I think this fight will be like the last counseling session for the whole situation."

So, with the aggressively hyped personal element between the two seemingly having dissipated, we are now left with bare bones competition. Luckily for us, that competition will come between two of the best 205lbs fighters on the planet.

Jones and Evans meet at UFC 145 this Saturday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

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