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Isiah Thomas: LeBron James Should Have Picked Knicks

Here’s an interesting question: If Isiah Thomas, the poster boy for bad decisions, says you did something wrong, does that mean you actually did something right?

While attending James Blake’s match at the U.S. Open Saturday night, Florida International head coach, Isiah Thomas said that LeBron James would have been better off joining the New York Knicks than the Miami Heat. According to Thomas, the curiosity factor of seeing James in a Knick uniform and the challenges associated with winning in New York would have made for a fascinating experience for fans.

"I think -- and I honestly believe this -- it would've been interesting to see if he could have [won a title with the Knicks]," Thomas said outside Arthur Ashe Stadium. "The curiosity factor, the whole world would've been drawn to watch and see if he could do it. The whole LeBron Knick thing would've piqued everyone's curiosity.

"We wanted him to come to New York, but I think he'll do well in Miami. They got a great team. I think everybody will be watching to see if they can put it together and win."

Thomas, who formerly coached and ran the Knicks into the ground, was hired as a special consultant to the team in...

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