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MMA: Time for Women Fighters in UFC?

TMZ recently caught up with UFC President Dana White and asked him “are we going to see any women in the UFC?” White responded with a resounding “no”, to which he surprised the photographer.

After mulling it over I tried to find a reason not to agree, but I couldn’t. Dana White has convinced me there will never be any women fighting in the UFC; at least in the near future.

Right now there are two promotions that feature women’s divisions, Bellator and Strikeforce. Both promotions carry their division very well with the top female fighters in the world. For UFC to start a women’s division they would need to sign some of these fighters, which are locked in some strong contracts. The top names in women’s fighting are Gina Carano (who has not fought in over a year) and Christine “Cyborg” Santos, both are under lock with Strikeforce and don’t look to be going anywhere.

Now, I would like to apologize in advance because the next remarks might sound sexist, would the male public buy pay per views headlined by female fighters? No. Unless it was a stacked card, but what if it was a card that 2 women had to carry? Look at some other sports that feature females and unfortunately they are second tier to men’s sports. The best thing for women in Strikeforce and Bellator is that they have the chance to be on network and premium cable television.

The women’s division is small with limited fighters, but it could make a great Ultimate Fighter season. In order for the UFC to start a women’s division they would have to recruit at least 10 women in their respected division.

I would love to see some female fighters in the UFC and mix up the cards a bit, but it’s not something I’m holding my breath on. Women in MMA have come a long way just keep doing what you’re doing ladies, and that’s impressing audiences, your time will come. One day a female fighter will have her hand raised in the octagon with Bruce Buffer calling her name as the victor.

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