Golden State Warriors Get New D-League Team: Dakota Wizards

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, proud owners of a new, baby D-League franchise. 

Name: Dakota Wizards
Birthdate: June 29, 2011
Weight: 1,885 pounds (combined)

Now that the Dakota Wizards belong to the Golden State Warriors, the first question is, where will they ultimately live?

The answer might be in the backyard of the San Jose Sharks. With a facility that already has presented basketball (NBA, NCAA), San Jose is already on a quest to have as many major league teams as will be allowed to come here... see Athletics, Oakland. There have been grumblings about the possibility of the Sacramento Kings moving here once their one-year reprise expires. But short term (or long term), why not experiment with a D-League basketball team.

Another interesting piece of information relevant to a possible San Jose move comes from the official press release: "Jim Weyermann, one of the most successful and respected business figures in minor league sports and current President of the San Jose Giants, has been named the Vice President of New Franchise Development for the Warriors and will oversee all operational aspects of the D-League team from a business standpoint, including a potential relocation to Northern California." 

Interestingly, I looked at their roster and noted a couple of intriguing names notably Javaris Crittendon from Georgia Tech, who I remember Nellie was a big fan of (oops, did that just drop his stock immediately)? They also have former Stanford guard, Anthony Goods and had former LSU center, Chris Johnson who played on the Celtics team last year.

Would San Jose embrace a minor league basketball team? I think it would and would need to in order to show a level of support for other possible teams, be it professional or minor league, in order to be a viable sports city beyond the Sharks.   


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