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Is the Jets' Rex Ryan the 4th Best Coach in All of Sports?

Is Rex Ryan the fourth best coach in sports? The fans surveyed think so.

According to a poll from ESPN The Magazine, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is the 4th best coach in all of sports.

All it took was a 9-7 record and wins in two out of three playoff games to put Jets head coach Rex Ryan among sports’ best leaders. ESPN The Magazine this week released its Ultimate Standings, ranking the 122 teams in the four major professional sports in a variety of categories based on feedback from fans. One of them, “Coaching,” is described as “strength of on-field leadership.”Ryan, about to enter his second season with the Jets, was ranked as the fourth best coach, tied with Red Wings coach Mike Babcock, behind Mike Scioscia (Angels), Sean Payton (Saints) and Gregg Popovich (Spurs). All but Ryan have won their respective league championships at least once. He was ranked ahead of the Patriots’ Bill Belichick (sixth) and the Lakers’ Phil Jackson (10th), among others.

This is all nice and dandy, and humbling for Rex Ryan I’m sure. But even as a Jets fan, lets not get carried away here. I have all the faith in the world that Rex will eventually lead us to our first Super Bowl since Broadway Joe, however, I don’t think Rex deserves to be ranked in the Top-10 yet. Potential wise, yes absolutely, but not based on current accomplishments. Rex who has coached for 1 year, amassed a 9-7 record and a trip to the AFC Championship is ranked 33 spots of NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who has something Rex and the Jets don’t have, a Super Bowl ring.

Personally, I’d take Rex over Tom Coughlin any day of the week. Coughlin isn’t a terrific coach by any means and his job is still surviving off the Giants magical Super Bowl run. Aside from that incredible playoff trip, thanks in part to David Tyree, Coughlin always seems to be on the hot seat. Rex clearly has a defensive mindset superior to Coughlin and motivational tactics that work 100x better in my opinion, but Coughlin still has the ring. Once we get a Super Bowl, then we can start talking the preseason polls, rankings and all the other BS associated with sports media.

So now to the question. Is Rex Ryan the 4th best coach in all of sports? Right now, I’m going to say, no he is not, not YET at least. He has the ability, talent and personnel to become an all-time great coach. But he needs at least one Super Bowl ring to earn such a high spot in the rankings.

What do you fans think?


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