Irony Alert: Things to Remember About Tim Tebow, John Elway

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I realize that there aren’t that many people who walk the thin line of being unbiased with regard to Tim Tebow. 99% of this country either falls on one side that is psycho for hating Tebow or psycho for loving him. 

Well, be at ease maniacs and wipe that disgruntled look off your face. This is just a simple article about some of the irony in John Elway’s performances in big games early on as compared to Tim Tebow’s showing against the Patriots in the Foxboro. There were just some surprising stats and parallels that came up that I wanted to share.  Feel free to twist them either way to play best amongst your mob…I mean group.

Over 22 years ago, when Tim Tebow was only 2 years old, there was a game played between John Elway’s Denver Broncos and Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers. They called it Super Bowl XVSKGIE or however roman numerals work. I think it’s a great comparison because of how often the Tebow / Elway talk comes up and how Tom Brady is almost always compared to Montana. Here’s some of the intriguing stats from the two games.

  • John Elway faces a 3-time Super Bowl winner (at that time) in a huge postseason game where he had a lot of questions surrounding him (had already lost 2 Super Bowls by 19 and 32 points).
  • Tim Tebow faces a 3-time Super Bowl winner (at that time) in a huge postseason game where he had a lot of questions surrounding him (if you don’t know Tebow’s concerns then you ended up on this site by accident).
  • Montana steals the show and embarrasses Elway by passing for 297 Yards & 5 Touchdowns.
  • Brady steals the show and embarrasses Tebow by passing for 363 Yards & 6 Touchdowns.
  • Elway put up passing numbers of 10-26 for 108 yards 0 TDs 2 INTs.
  • Tebow put up passing numbers of 9-26  for 136 yards 0 TDs 0 INTs.
  • Montana’s leading receiver was Jerry Rice with 7 catches for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • Brady’s leading receiver was Rob Gronkowski with 10 catches for 145 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • 49ers vs Broncos was the lowest rating ever in for a Super Bowl.
  • Broncos vs Patriots was the most watched Divisional round game ever.
  • Elway had a regular season ratio of 1 to 1 on Touchdowns / Interceptions ( 18 TDs & 18 INTs)
  • Tebow had a regular season ratio of 2 to 1 on Touchdowns / Interceptions ( 12 TDs & 6 INTs )
  • Elway’s Broncos loss 55-10 in the Super Bowl match vs Montana.
  • Tebow’s Broncos loss 45-10 in the Divisional round match vs Brady.
  • Montana had the #1 QB Rating in the 1989 Regular Season with 112.4
  • Brady had the #3 QB Rating in the 2011 Regular Season with 105.6
  • Elway had a QB Rating of 73.7 in the 1989 Regular Season.
  • Tebow had a QB Rating of 72.9 in the 2011 Regular Season.

Side note: RotoExperts’ Chris Doleman was the NFL sack leader in 1989!

These stats and like situations don’t mean that Tebow would go on to win two Super Bowls after the Broncos get a premier running back like Terrell Davis. It just makes me curious to ask the question, would John Elway have won those two Super Bowls after losing two if John Elway was his boss? That might have gotten a little confusing. My point is that Elway was killed in three Super Bowls: New York Giants won 39-20, Washington Redskins 42-10, and of course the 49ers game. If he had a boss like he is now, there is no way we would have seen “This one’s for John” or the sequel the following year. It’s also worth noting that Elway had the above performance in his 7th year. Tebow’s playoff blunder was in his second and after he sat on the bench the first 5 games of the year.

There’s no way I’m saying that Tebow can become John Elway. That’s not who he is but he can get better. On the other side of the coin, if the Broncos want to go more traditional I wouldn’t have a problem with. If they want to commit to Tebow and get the right personnel around him, I don’t have a problem with it.  They just can’t go into 2012 standing on the fence. You can’t draft traditional guys with the thought that if Tebow doesn’t pan out, you have the people in place to go right into a traditional offense. Whatever the two Johns decide, they have to be all-in. Either trade Tebow and draft a quarterback early or keep him and get him the people that play to his strengths. Elway didn’t win the meaningful games until Davis was lined up behind him…Tebow needs his Davis plus some.

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