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Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp Teases 2013 Show

If Invicta FC's third show follows the trend of the previous two, President Shannon Knapp sees 2013 as a monumental year for the upstart all female promotion.

"From here we'll start looking at some of those offers we've had and diving into it a little deeper," said Knapp on MMA Weekly Radio. "It's always been about this third show for me."

There have been several TV deals thrown at Invicta FC, but Knapp is waiting for the right time. Currently, they stream their shows for free on the company's website.

"I think it's important to go out there and prove you're not a one hit wonder," said Knapp. "The third show has always been the one that I've said will cement the fact that what we are doing, we're doing it right, a lot of promotions don't even make the third show, so this is like the show that says it all for me. For me this is the one that really says 'hey, we're serious, we're here.'"

A fourth show is scheduled for early 2013 with no exact date or location revealed.

Knapp also has plans to introduce several new titles in the coming year.

"I'm safely going to say we will probably try to crown a couple champions on that event in two different weight divisions," said Knapp. "Hopefully by the end of 2013 we will have a champion in each and every one of our weight divisions."

Invicta FC's next show is tomorrow, October 6, where the first atomweight champion will be crowned.

"I just want to make right decisions based on the athletes and the promotion," said Knapp. "We want to take our time."

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