An Interesting New Take on UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans


Let's face it, the UFC 145 main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans has been promoted into the ground. Having been on the table for so long, the bout and the storyline surrounding it have been thoroughly dissected many times over.

So, for a refreshing take on Jones vs. Evans, Marvel (yes, the comic book publisher) interviewed both men this week, injecting just the right amount of nerd into pre-fight prognostication.

Evans, a self-professed comic book fan, was asked which super power he would use in the octagon, were such a thing possible and permitted. His answer shows more than just a casual knowledge of the Marvel universe.

"I'd want to be like Nightcrawler, he has the dopest powers," said Evans. "I'd just teleport around, sneak up on guys, take them out. Nobody would be able to catch me."

In Jones' interview, the champ described the fight in comic book terms, comparing himself to one of Marvel's most notable super heroes and his opponent to a slightly lesser known X-Men character.

"I would call myself Spider-Man and my opponent would probably be the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut's tough, but Spider-Man's smarter. You know what, I take it back. Not even Juggernaut, I'll give him Beast," said Jones. "Beast is gonna get smothered, bro. I'll give him Beast. Spider-Man vs. Beast, check it out."

To see if Spider-Man takes Beast, or the other way around, tune in to UFC 145 this Saturday and don't forget to check out FightLine's live, ongoing coverage of the event, too.

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