Interesting CSAC Amendment Could Mean Big Things for TRT, Marijuana in MMA

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According to Sports Illustrated, the California State Athletic Commission has passed an amendment that will allow therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy and marijuana.

Testosterone and marijuana weren't singled out by the commission, who declared TUEs available for any fighter needing medication that is legal in the state but banned for competition. The medication must not grant the competitor an advantage over their opponent.

The amendment will not be passed into law for some time, as it must go through a lengthy review process by other state boards. Even then, it may not be adopted as state law.

Interestingly, controversial UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen kicked off this whole process.

After showing elevated testosterone levels and testing positive for synthetic testosterone following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva, Sonnen was suspended for a year by the CSAC. During this process, Sonnen claimed that he suffered from hypogonadism and was undergoing TRT for treatment. He said that the previous CSAC officials gave him a pass on it.

There were no existing protocols (and technically still aren't) for granting TUEs at that time and the CSAC has decided to set guidelines in place to avoid such a mess in the future.

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