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Inter Milan Wins European Champions League Trophy

45 years later Inter Milan has captured the European Champions League trophy. And what a sight it was at the beautiful, jam-packed Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid.

Van Gaal versus José Mourinho, former master and apprentice, battling for the highest trophy of European club soccer.

Bayern Munich were without French star Franck Ribery and it was Robben’s creativity which provided some flair and hope for the German side.

Inter didn’t play a dazzling game, but they were conservative and tactically sound enough to create the best chances, even not winning in terms of ball possession.

At the 35th minute Sneijder and Milito combined to give the Italian squad the 1-0 advantage. After that the initiative had to be taken by Bayern but Inter always managed to create more danger, through steady counter-attacks.

In the 70th minute the game’s decision was sealed when, once again, Milito was able to score. One on one with his Argentinian countryman Demichelis, Milito was able to fake that he was going inside, dribbled to the outside and eventually got the ball past Hans-Jörg Butt. A magnificent goal for the man who was nominated “Man of the Match by UEFA”.

Inter had won the Italian championship the previous weekend, so it was basically a tremendous week for this squad.

José Mourinho embraced Van Gaal at the end, and he is reportedly leaving Inter to coach Real Madrid next season.

Most players on the Inter Milan side are going to appear in the World Championships and it will be a joy to watch players such as Milito, Sneijder and Lúcio, among others.

Bayern Munich are also taking several players to the World Cup, as are examples Ribery, Robben and Schweinsteiger.

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