Insulting Email: What MSG Really Wanted to Send Employees in Sandy's Wake


Have you ever wondered why the New York Knicks haven't been good for the last 20 years?

Here's why. They have an awful ownership in Madison Square Garden Entertainment. Led by James Dolan (pictured), MSG makes poor decisions and treats employees -- from former guard Jeremy Lin down to the ushers -- with disdain.

Where's the proof in this accusation?

One email sums it all up. Here's what Madison Square Garden thinks of its burdensome employees. You know, the ones who actually make the World's Most Famous Arena function. One missive sent out to workers in the wake of a horrible, deadly storm that has left people without homes, without gas, without food. Screw you, the letter effectively says.

Check it out. Credit Gawker for unearthing this insulting email. First, I present what MSG wrote. Then I include what MSG really wanted to send instead.


Today, the MTA announced that several commuter railroad and subway services are beginning to operate, and that the City Transit bus service is now running as close to schedule as possible....

... As you know, there are several exciting things going on across the company, including our Friday night game against Miami, which we currently still expect to take place. In addition to this highly anticipated game, we are also preparing for the kick off of our Christmas Spectacular, upcoming shows at the Beacon and live game coverage by the Networks.

In order to ensure that we continue operating our business and are able to deliver the very best experience for our customers, we are asking employees to come to work.

We recognize that many employees are impacted by the transportation issues as well as a lack of power, and that some are even dealing with personal damage and health issues. In the event that you need to make the personal decision that you are unable to come to work, you will need to notify your supervisor and take a personal or vacation day to cover the time off...

Thank you,

MSG Communications
(Note: the bolding is mine)

Here's what MSG really wanted to email:

Hey everybody, shit's wet and all, and we know you're likely without electricity -- which means you probably can't read this -- and we know you're likely unable to travel anywhere, likely hungry, probably scared if you have children to look after, and maybe even dead.

We know that. But see, we got some millionaires coming into the Garden to play hoops tonight and there are a whole bunch of equally rich stockbrokers, who are getting here by limo, who want to watch the game before going to Scores.

And see, somebody has to turn on the lights and serve them beer, and that's you.

So while it might be difficult to get here (some say impossible but they are just negative people), we need you to get in here. How, you ask? Improvisation is a wonderful thing, so if the subway and buses aren't running, there are things like cars and bikes and feet.

Oh, and if you don't get in here, you have to use your personal or vacation time. Now, that may seem kind of harsh, given the whole "natural disaster" thing putting a wrench into our business operations, but that's how we get out of not paying you.

See how that works?

And really, you work so hard, you're due a relaxing vacation. So enjoy scrounging around the neighborhood for food and gas. Unless, of course, you do get in here, which we need you to do right away.

You're the best. Go Knicks.




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